Marry Me, Or Not?

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I grew up thinking that marriage is not for strong women. It wasn’t common for people to tell you how happy they are in their marriage as much as complain about their misery or sad endings.

I don’t remember when I made the decision, but at some point I became vocal about not wanting to get married. I couldn’t even tell for a long time if I said that to sound strong or just because I really didn’t want to get married.

In other words, I had this set picture of how marriage works and how it ends and I didn’t think I could do better than almost everyone else. It also sounded cool and different; saying I never want to get married. Totally immature, but true.

Now getting to the important part of what changed my mind, I made a list:

  1. I made a few close friends who were actually in successful marriages
  2. Not wanting to get married didn’t sound cool nor different anymore; it’s quite common now (still immature)
  3. Saying marriage is not good is as lame as saying travel or food or work is not good
  4. Relationships are like anything else, they require hard work and dedication
  5. When you get ahead on your bucket list, your goals don’t seem all magical anymore and you start to realize that something (that’s not on your list) is missing
  6. Human nature always ends up winning, the question is when?
  7. I met the man of my dreams

So whatever it is that you’re deciding, be true to yourself because you are the one who will live with the consequences not those who judge you or applaud you for it.

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