17 Packing Tips to Travel in Style

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I’ve been there and made all sorts of mistakes with packing for my business travels and vacations. Β Now that I’ve learned so much and 20 countries later, I decided to make a list of what worked for me and the essential items I can’t travel without.

    1. Make a checklist from head to toe (literally)
    2. Decide on your most comfortable and flattering color palette
    3. Pack multiple tops to go with fewer bottoms (within the same palette), so you can mix and match easily, creating multiple outfits with a few pieces
    4. Pack 2 outfits per day + 2 extra outfits for each week of travel
    5. It’s always safe to pack a lot of dark colors – hard to stain
    6. Pack flat comfy shoes (you will need them)
    7. Pack a multiple use scarf (at least one)
    8. Pack a Little Black Dress, which you can style for a daytime or an evening look
    9. Pack a swimming suit (you never know if there’s an amazing heated pool where you’re staying even in January)
    10. Layer all the time while packing and in person
    11. Roll your clothes instead of folding them- you can pack twice as much at least
    12. Pack all your beauty routine products (travel size is preferable but not a must) in a plastic bag- do not forget your sunscreen
    13. Pack favorite accessories (I don’t travel with diamonds as a rule)
    14. Don’t forget your favorite light perfume
    15. Use packing cubes if needed
    16. Keep your valuable items, electronics, jewelry, etc in your carry-on
    17. A small cross body bag is essential to carry your passport, credit cards and money


These are the essential tips I learned the hard way during my few years of travel. Let me know in the comment sections if you have more tips.


  1. How was I not following you!? So sorry about that! I am now! Darn WordPress! 😐 It’s always difficult to try to decide what to pack for trips. Even if I go for a night or two away lol. I have to tell myself, no you don’t need to bring a pound of makeup lol! xo

    1. Hi there β™₯️
      Super nice of you!
      And yes I was the worst packer ever if there’s such a word! I was always packing too much without the essentia items ☺️

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