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Tight clothes, unforgiving cuts, uncomfortable combinations! We love them and enjoy them, but sometime it just gets too much, and you need some comfortable change.

Here’s what I did to boost my style in a comfortable way and without having to change my entire wardrobe. I started by going through my husband’s closet, picking out some pieces that were flattering and comfortable. I liked feeling confident, looking good and getting a few compliments along the way, which was never the case when I went for my track pants and sweats (my only option back then to switch to comfy).

In my recent trip to Hyderabad, I went straight to the Men’s section to start building that section in my closet and get the pieces I was looking for. I went for casual outfits this time, but there’s always the option of shopping in the men’s section for formal outfits for work (let me know if you need styling tips for that in a different post).

I listed below different the different items you can get from the men’s section that would actually boost your personal style and tips on how to style them to #wearitliketheboysdo. For those of you who would like to try it or are already into this, but don’t have alternative ways to style these pieces, read below:

  1. Tees: Pair these with your favorite jeans and sneakers, leather leggings, leather jacket (never wear a leather jacket with leather pants please, unless you’re moving to the showbiz)- favorite tip from my golden rules styling book (more on that later)
  2. Button ups: You can wear it on top of a Little Black Dress, on top of a fitted Moto tee, or just as is
  3. Belt: I just made an extra hole (or 2 for when I gain weight) to fit my waist, I wear it with my Little Black Dress, or maxi dresses, on a long cardigan with leggings (always ups the overall look)
  4. Jeans: I stopped buying boyfriend jeans, I go directly for the men’s section to get the look now. You just need to find the cut that flatters your body shape and goes with the rest of your wardrobe
  5. Sweatshirts: I love pairing those with a leather jacket on top or (a bit shocking for some) my Little Black Dress, always works for me, the tip here is to get the basic design sweatshirt, nothing too complex. If you want to spice it up a bit, wear it with your leather leggings (I’m a huge fan of leather leggings with almost anything)
  6. Sweaters/ bomber jackets: Wear it exactly like your own bomber jackets, will just look more cool and add a touch of it-looks-better-on-me-anyway
  7. Leather/ denim jackets: My favorite item! Just the tees, wear it with anything, it will instantly upgrade your look and make it more cool


One last tip, if you haven’t done this before, don’t go shopping just yet. Borrow whatever you want to try from a guy’s wardrobe first to get a feeling of what it looks like on you and how it makes you feel. Remember that it’s all about how it makes you feel and not just what it looks like.



  1. Love all the tips!! ❤️ I’ll definitely be checking the men’s section next time I go shopping 😉

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