5- Step Guide to Looking Good When You’re Feeling Down

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Since my mood shifts from good to bad and vice versa quite frequently,  I created the 5- Step Guide to look and feel attractive no matter how bad you feel. Just because you feel bad, doesn’t mean it has to show all over you. Plus, it would make you feel even worse, looking in the mirror and being terrified of running into certain people (quite a few actually) when you’re looking like that.

Following the 5 steps below will make you have the good base of looking well groomed, stylish and neat. Consequently, when you’re not ok physically or emotionally, the deterioration happens slowly and can be reversed much faster. So instead of looking bad, you will be the average version of yourself with minimal effort because you have a strong support system in place.

The 5-Step Guide to Looking Good All the Time:

1. Schedule body maintenance.

Decide on your critical focus areas and create a routine that’s preferably fixed with the frequency that works for you to maintain them. To give you an idea what those would be, here are my top body care focus areas: hair masks, plucking brows, Moroccan bath, hair removal, moisturizing entire body, Manicure and pedicure.

2. Have backup cool/comfortable outfits.

Create a few  comfortable outfits that make you look and feel good and keep them in the back of your head or your phone (that worked for me). When I’m not feeling well, I go for my most comfortable outfits by design, which would be an LBD or one of my #wearitlikeboysdo combinations. Just make sure you have this already figured out because if you don’t, you would probably reach out for your oversized sweatpants and an ugly worn out t-shirt. True story.

3. Follow a beauty routine.

Create and religiously follow a beauty routine that is consistent with your own skin type, weather conditions and lifestyle. This one is very important because it’s what you would tend to skip when you’re not feeling well. For me the most important things are: face moisturizer (day and night), Sunscreen, lip balm, eye and face make up removers, toner, facial wash, under-eye cream, acne solution

4. Go for permanent fixes. 

If there are permanent fixes to maintain your focus areas, go ahead and do them after doing your research because when these things go wrong, they really do go WRONG. For this one, I made some bold moves that I wasn’t sure I should share here because if I go back in time, I would probably skip a couple of them. 

  1. Micro-blading: I have very light and thin eyebrows so instead of drawing them every morning and buying tons of brow pencils, I decided to go for microblading. It took me a lot of research and 3 sessions to get the shape and shade I wanted. The average is normally two. Let me know in the comments section if you want me to dedicate a post to my positive microblading experience.
  2. Semi-permanent eye tattoo: I look super pale without eye liner or kohl, yet it’s very damaging to the area under your eyes to wear eye make up everyday even if you’re using the top brands. It just wears your under-eye area out super fast compared to those who wear eye make up occasionally. I had a very simple line drawn on the top lid and another one on the bottom lid. In the past 11 years, no one could tell, it’s a tattoo. Yet, this is one of the things, I wouldn’t do if I go back in time. 
  3. Laser hair removal: This one is straight forward, it just hurts and requires a lot of attention with exposure to the sun pre and post your sessions. The important piece of advice here is, go for a real dermatologist and not the salons and centre technicians. 
  4. Hair frizz control treatment: My hair goes out of control with the least bit of humidity so this one was a must for me. Not sure how damaging it is for the hair though. I have done it almost 6 months ago and it worked.

5. You can’t skip it all.

Make a tiny list of what you cannot afford to skip on your bad days (3 things max). It’s really up to you to decide on this one. It depends on the time (if it’s winter, my lip balm would feature in this list. If it’s summer, my sunscreen would be a must). Maintaining some sort of a routine when you’re not feeling well, always keeps the illusion of being in control and sometimes, that’s all you need.


  1. I like all the tips, very practical and to the point 👌🏼 It would be great if you can dedicate a whole post about micro blading and semi permanent tattoo, im contemplating micro blading but I fear it will look awkward or too strong, what do you think?

    1. Thank you 🙂 For micro-blading, it’s key that you pick the right place. I can recommend one, where they actually share with you the dye color, the pattern on your brows and then they do it. They only hire professional certified Brazilian technicians and the 3 that did my brows were very good.

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