Leave Your Chanel At The Door

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Do you have any idea how messed up all of these ‘measures’ we use to judge people are? Do you know how pressured little girls feel for not having been to Europe or for not having the latest fashionable pair of shoes?

I’m no angel and I know that one way or another I contribute to all of the scenes and negative feelings I just mentioned. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we make other people feel whether it’s intentional or not, it still hurts.

Let’s imagine this. How about a group of girls walking in a room all dressed in jeans, white T-shirts and sneakers? No obvious logos- everything is plain and comfortable and they start talking about life? Nothing materialistic, just talking about dreams, hopes, fears and the future. The girl in the story above could be the most eloquent speaker with the most interesting stories and potential. If we look beyond someone’s looks or financial status, we could bond on so many levels because you know what? Such things or the lack of them doesn’t make you better than anyone else.

I hope we can create a different world where your shoes and bag don’t decide your self-worth, where you latest trip to Europe doesn’t make you more interesting than someone who spent her summer making enough money to go to school next year. Don’t let your possessions determine your self-worth because who you are is really much more than that.

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