Leave Your Chanel At The Door

We’re all familiar with this scene – a group of girls exchanging glances when a girl walks in dressed in a ‘not-really-in’ outfit or anything they do not ‘approve’ of. The girl is immediately ignored and looked down upon. They don’t need to talk to her or get to know her because she’s already deemed to be ‘unfit’ for their company.

21 Things You Do That Turn Women Off – (What SHE Wouldn’t Tell You)

We all know what turns our partners off or at least we think we do. There are some obvious things like lying, yelling, etc. But then there are those sensitive things that we don’t really discuss because it might turn into an argument or cause negative vibes. I asked 20 ladies what the most annoying thing a guy can do to turn them off and here’s what they said.

Note to Self: I love you!

Lighter hair color and photos showing my hair not my face. That was my signature profile picture for years. I always thought I looked better showing my hair than showing my face, in other words I thought I was not pretty enough to show my face on a profile picture. For those who have known me in the past few years, I’m posting a photo of my face almost daily, no shame.

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