Letter to My 21-Year-Old Self

Dear Me,
I’m impressed. You made it all the way to 34 without killing anyone. You included. It sure wasn’t easy, but you pulled through it all. You were always a late bloomer which I know bothered you a lot at the time. If you’re going to get everything you wanted, does it matter when? It could have been much easier for you had you known what I know now.

Leave Your Chanel At The Door

Weโ€™re all familiar with this scene – a group of girls exchanging glances when a girl walks in dressed in a โ€˜not-really-inโ€™ outfit or anything they do not โ€˜approveโ€™ of. The girl is immediately ignored and looked down upon. They donโ€™t need to talk to her or get to know her because sheโ€™s already deemed to be โ€˜unfitโ€™ for their company.

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